If you have a workplace related legal issue such as workplace bullying, discrimination, harassment of any type of unfair or unlawful termination, it might be time to meet up with an Employment attorney in New Jersey. This is of course, a worst case scenario.  One of the first things you should do is try to talk to the person in charge or to human resources to see what can be done – if anything.  If all else fails, then the next logical step would be to speak to a lawyer.  When it comes to meeting with a lawyer, make sure that you make the process as easy and smooth as you can.  Be sure to prepare a list of a few questions that you want to ask the lawyer.  Asking questions is a great way to see if you and the lawyer are a good match and if they can handle the situation at hand properly.  Here are a few of the questions you should be asking your Employment attorney if you are serious about the situation and need help.

What Experience Do you Have?

You’d be surprised at how many potential clients don’t ask the lawyer they are talking to about what experience they have with cases like theirs.  But, it should be one of the first questions you consider asking.  However, it’s important to understand that even if a lawyer doesn’t have experience in your specific matter that you automatically should leave and find someone else.  If a lawyer out rightly admits to not having much experience with your specific situation, this is called honesty and is definitely a good thing when trying to find a good lawyer.  But, furthermore, it might be important that instead of them having experience in your situation, that they have other attributes that will counterbalance the inexperience such as a proven track record of being able to settle cases out of court or an excellent academic history, etc.  While they may not have experience in your situation, they do have other traits that still make them a good lawyer!

Lawyer Work vs. Paralegal Work

Don’t get me wrong, a paralegal can and is able to do a lot of work when it comes to the law.  But, if you have a workplace situation, you need to find someone that is going to be doing most of the legwork.  You want someone who is going to be dealing mainly with the situation on their own rather than passing it off to their paralegal.  You want someone who is going to stand by you and support you in whatever situation.  Chances are if a lawyer throws the work to a paralegal, it’s because they think your case specifically is not as important or high-profile as someone else’s.  If you are told that a paralegal will be handling your case, move on to find someone else who actually cares about the overall outcome of your situation and you as a client.

What Are Your Legal Fee Terms?

Lawyers tend to work on 2 main payment options.  They either deal on contingency whereas they only get paid unless you settle the case.  Or where they will charge you by the hour and will charge extra to represent you in court, file extra paperwork, etc.  Obviously there are positives and negatives to each situation.  In most cases, only a high profile Employment attorney will charge by the hour.  This situation and what you choose is really going to depend on you and your situation.  If you have the money to spend on a really good lawyer with a proven track record, get a lawyer that charges by the hour.  On the other hand, if you don’t have a ton of money to splurge on an Employment attorney you might be better off finding someone that won’t make you pay up until the case is settled.

Settling Cases Out Of Court

If you want to find something more on the cheap end, something that is often resurrected quicker and something that is less emotionally draining, your idea case will be settled out of court.  However, not all lawyers have a proven track record of being able to go about this out of court – in fact some of them prefer to do it in court.  If you want to get this over quickly and not spend a lot of money or be stressed out, try finding an Employment attorney that has a proven track record for settling outside of court.

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