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Union Law

Types of Unions

Types of UnionsIn the United States, we have many different labor unions. While there are categories like Private, Public and Craft Unions, there are also smaller groups as well such as Manufacturing Unions, Building Trades, Transportation Unions and Service Industry Unions. If you are interested in the labor movement or you already work at a job where Unions are not available, but you want a new position that does offer unions, it might be important to get to know what the different unions are, who they are for and essentially how they can help benefit you, not only as an employee, but a citizen overall.

What are Right to Work Laws?

Right to Work LawsA right to work law is a law that allows employees to choose whether they want to join a Union or not or support a union or not for that matter.  When getting a job, an employee should carefully read all the fine print on their work card before signing anything.  If you live in a right to work state – there are 25 states in 2015 that are right to work states, here are a few things you should be aware of.