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Commercial Collection Law

Commercial Collection Laws and How They Can Affect Your Business

Businesses often take on debt for many reasons whether they are expanding, upgrading their equipment, or overhauling their existing infrastructure.  Sometimes, however, these debt obligations become too great for them to handle. As a result, they often find themselves at the mercy of commercial debt collection agencies.

Often, however, business owners make the mistake of thinking that they enjoy the same debt protections as consumers. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), however, was enacted to help consumers and, therefore, does not apply to businesses. Nevertheless, business owners on both sides of this equation are protected by commercial debt collection laws. The key is for businesses to know which laws apply to their situation.

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Defamation Against Businesses

litigation business lawyerConsumers use the internet to make a variety of decisions, including what products to buy and what professionals to hire. During their research, many consumers go online to look at reviews the business has received on local business directories like Yelp or Google+. Online reviews can have a huge effect on the success of your business so it is important to understand your rights should your business receive a negative one. If your business has received a negative online review, it could be that you and your business are being defamed. Before taking action, you should consider using any dispute or review process provided by the review site.

Employment Law - Sexual Harassment

What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need?

People often find themselves in unfamiliar situations where they could use a bit of legal advice. However, they might not be sure of who to turn to. Consulting with an attorney near you will usually be an appropriate step to take.  However, what kind of lawyer does each situation require? This guide will walk individuals through several types of lawyers who handle specific types of cases in the most common areas of law: financial, business, civil, and personal law.

How to Resolve Business Disputes

Business Disputes lawyer west orange njA partnership that originally began as an amicable relationship can often deteriorate when two individuals have different visions for the business. While some of these disputes are easy to resolve, others require a bit more effort; some might even necessitate the consultation of a top business lawyer. Once both parties have decided that legal help is required to resolve the business dispute, there are still a few more steps that must be completed to move forward from the issue. Here are some of the top ways in which involved parties can effectively resolve business disputes.

Types of Contracts and Business Agreements

Contracts and Business Agreements west orange njWhen entering into business with any individual or organization, clear communication is key. No party wants to take legal action against another, but unfortunately, such action becomes the only form of recourse when business contracts and agreements are either not followed or simply don’t exist. Rather than entering into such trying predicaments, signing a contract at the beginning of a business deal can stave off unnecessary heartache in the long run. But for those new to business contracts, choosing the appropriate document can be a stressful task. With these simple definitions from a top business attorney in NJ, doing business and avoiding litigation will become a much more surmountable undertaking.