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What is The False Claims Act?

The False Claims Act is also called the “Lincoln Law” and is a federal law of America that imposes liability to federal contractors who defraud programs set up by the government. There is a provision that allows for those who are not affiliated with the government to also file actions for the government. Those that file can receive about fifteen to twenty?five percent of any of the recovered damages. Claims have typically been in health care, military, and other government spending programs. The government recovered almost $22 billion between 1987 and 2008 through the False Claims Act.

Whistle Blower Protection Laws

Whistleblower Protection
Whistleblower Protection

Each year there are thousands of workers who witness some sort of wrongdoing on the job. They may discover fraud, abuse, or any type of actions which could jeopardize the well being, safety or lives of other people. Workers may witnesses a food processing plant which sends out contaminated food to consumers, violation of safety considerations at a nuclear facility, fraud that deceives a company’s stockholders, or a chemical company which dumps hazardous waste illegally into waterways. Too many times employees stay silent usually out of the fear of losing their jobs. Others step forward and share the truth risking their profession as well as their own well being to do so. These workers “blow the whistle” on various types of unethical conduct that occurs in the workplace in an attempt to make a difference.  Basically, a whistleblower is one who discloses information that they believe to be evidence of some sort of wrongdoing on behalf of a company; or they reveal instances which may be jeopardizing the health and safety of the public in some way. Usually, a whistleblower speaks to influencing parties that can correct the situation. The whistleblower is afforded certain rights and protection by laws that are designed specifically for the purpose of protecting them.