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Questions to Ask an Attorney

Ask an Attorney

When it comes time to hire a NJ ethics attorney, usually they will give you a very low cost fee on a consultation. This is to help them better understand what your situation is, answer any questions you have (basic) and give them a better idea of if they can help you and what the plan of action would be. It’s a great way for you to understand and know if this is the lawyer you should choose for your specific matter. If you really want to choose the best lawyer for your case, there are a few questions you should be asking attorneys that you speak to – also keep in mind, that a lawyer should make you feel comfortable enough to ask about things like fees, expertise, years in practice, experience, etc. So if you don’t feel comfortable asking these questions, maybe you already have your answer as to if this is the attorney for your case. If you do feel comfortable asking those questions and feel like you are in a safe environment, here are a few things you should be concerned with.