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Condo Owner Rights

Condominium OwnersWhen it comes to owning a condo, it’s actually quite different than owning a single family home.  When it comes time to consider where you want to live; a condo or a single family home, it’s a good idea to consider these factors:  Resale Value, Privacy, Space, Cost, Amenities, Maintenance and more.  Essentially when you own a condo the “ownership” is just on the insides of the house.  Everything outside is usually a shared aspect i.e.; if you have a yard, it’s usually a shared yard.  If you are lucky enough, the housing association or builders may have separated the yards with a fence, but the condos are still going to be pretty close together.  While owning a condo does have its benefits, it also as per usual, has its drawbacks as well.  If you are trying to figure out if you want to buy a single home or a condo, here are a few things you might need to be aware of in each instance.

Laws That Govern Property Management Companies

Property Management CompanyWhen it comes to a property management company in NJ people seem to think that this is an easy job.  But, just like any other authoritative figure, a company that manages properties such as apartments, condos, homes or even business buildings does have legal obligations and they need to be not only aware of those obligations, but also aware of state and local laws when it comes to property management regulations.  When it comes to property management companies in any state, there are certain laws that need to be followed.  Here are a few you might want to consider or should be aware of.