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What Are Police Powers And What Are Your Rights?

Police PowersPolice powers might be a term you never heard of before, but chances are if you know an officer of the law or you have ever been searched, warranted or arrested, you have had experience of police powers.  These “powers” are put into place for good reason.  First off they help keep communities safe, or at least they are supposed to, but recent news says otherwise.  The police powers come into play in communities, when or if someone or a group of people need to be removed from the vicinity because they are causing a threat or they have committed a crime.  You’ve seen this recently in the news regarding the different raids going on in the United States as of late.  Essentially the police have powers that can protect you as well as themselves.  These powers state that they (the police) can stop, arrest or even search any person in the public that has either already committed a less serious crime or is about to i.e.; if someone sent in a tip that so and so was about to rob a convenience store, the police can stop and search that person.  This is more about reasonable grounds than anything else, but it still stands true nonetheless when it comes to powers of the police.  So what are these exact powers, what can they do or allow and what are your rights?  Below we will be going over these things.