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What Is a Hostile Work Environment?

Every single day, people show up for a job they either love or they hate. Most of the time if it’s a job they hate, it’s because it’s a hostile work environment. Some people don’t even realize this is a real thing and they just take their abuse like they think they should – especially if it’s the boss dolling it out. However, a hostile work environment is a real issue and it comes in all forms. Not only is this something that women can go through, but men as well. Any type of abuse that makes you uncomfortable, feel awkward, not be able to do your job correctly or feel hesitant about coming into work – is not allowed, not right, and there are things you can do the educate yourself. Just look below to see the different types of abuse/harassment and find out what you can do to stop working in a hostile work environment.

Workplace Discrimination and Employment Law

Getting a new job is an exciting and somewhat nervous situation to go through. We’ve all seen those packets of forms you have to fill out after you get the job, including an EEO. These EEO forms or Equal Employment Opportunity really help protect you, as well as the employer from discrimination. Of course there are different types of discrimination, but the law states that no matter your race, sex, creed or origin you have an equal opportunity for employment just as much as someone outside of the 4 protected classes. There are also other protected classes though such as age discrimination, disability discrimination, genetic discrimination, and even sexuality – though sexuality is not exactly a law per se, since it has not been signed by congress. Yet. To find out more about these types of discrimination, keep reading and find out if you are being discriminated against and how to file a complaint.