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What Teenagers Need To Know About Workplace Rights

Chances are if you are in high school or college right now, you are probably looking to make some extra cash or take an internship at some company.  Perhaps you are even working while you are going to school.  Chances are also, that your school did not give you any sort of a pamphlet or workbook telling you about your legal rights when it comes to working.  Actually, schools give students zero chances to actually prepare them for the work world.  Instead, this is something you have to figure out all on your own.  Well, maybe not, since you are reading this and I do plan to give you a few tips along the way to help you out.  Below are a few laws, guidelines and tips you need to learn about when it comes to employment law no matter where you live.  Well, actually some states may have different laws, but united they are usually all the basic laws outlined below.