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Workplace Discrimination

Workplace Pregnancy Harassment

Pregnancy HarassmentIn a perfect world you could get pregnant and you could still keep your job without your boss or other people harassing you.  In a perfect world, people wouldn’t act disgraceful and wouldn’t make you stressed out during an emotion time in your life.  Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and sometimes you run into jerks that think they are above the law or they think they can do whatever they want because they are the “boss”.  If there are laws to protect same sex couples, laws to protect people with disabilities and laws to protect people from being discriminated against because of creed or race you better be darn sure there are also laws against pregnancy harassment!  If you are pregnant and you feel that you are being harassed, take a look at the steps below under the employment law to see if you qualify for pregnancy harassment and what you can do.

Gay Marriage and The Workplace

Gay Marriage and The WorkplaceGay Marriage is one of those things that has become really wide spread over the US in the past few years.  You are either one of those states that allows gay marriage or you are not.  States are always popping up on the news as far as same sex marriages go in 2015 won’t be any different.  In fact, at the start of 2015 on January 6th, Florida had become the 36th state to legalize same sex marriage.  WOW.  36 states?  Imagine that!  This is definitely not something you would have seen 5, 10 or 15 years ago.  But, with change comes both good and bad.  Just because same sex marriage is legal in 30 some states, doesn’t mean that everyone is “okay” with it or will make your work life easier because of it.  In fact, in some states, you may see a major up strike in people getting harassed at work because they are gay and or because they are involved in a same sex marriage.  There are things you should be aware of when it comes to Same Sex laws and Discrimination in the workplace especially when it comes to same sex marriages.  Be sure to continue reading below for employment law rules on FMLA, pensions, benefits, marital status discrimination and more.  If you have read this article and think that your employer has discriminated against you, you may want to contact an employment attorney in NJ for a consultation.

Employment Law for Employees

Employee at work
Employee at work via Flickr: qnr

There are many different employment laws which have been developed over the years in order to provide safety in the workplace for employees. Employers should observe these laws and make available to their employees policies and procedures to follow in the event an employee feels one or more of them have been violated in some way. The workplace should be a safe place for employees and there can be serious repercussions for the employer if employment laws are not followed closely. Here are just a few of the main laws employees should be aware of.

Employment Law for Employers

Employment Discrimination
Employment Discrimination

There are many different facets to employment law, and this complexity is what draws many lawyers into this area of practice. It is an arena that is constantly changing and developing to protect both employees and employers. Each of these classes has their own set of rights as well as responsibilities that need to be protected as well as understood. The employer is in a unique position and must make every effort to provide a safe workplace for their employees. They see the world of employment law from a totally different perspective than that of the employee. As an employer or a business owner it is important to be aware of the different types of employment laws and how they affect the business practices and procedures.