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Gay Marriage and The Workplace

Gay Marriage and The WorkplaceGay Marriage is one of those things that has become really wide spread over the US in the past few years.  You are either one of those states that allows gay marriage or you are not.  States are always popping up on the news as far as same sex marriages go in 2015 won’t be any different.  In fact, at the start of 2015 on January 6th, Florida had become the 36th state to legalize same sex marriage.  WOW.  36 states?  Imagine that!  This is definitely not something you would have seen 5, 10 or 15 years ago.  But, with change comes both good and bad.  Just because same sex marriage is legal in 30 some states, doesn’t mean that everyone is “okay” with it or will make your work life easier because of it.  In fact, in some states, you may see a major up strike in people getting harassed at work because they are gay and or because they are involved in a same sex marriage.  There are things you should be aware of when it comes to Same Sex laws and Discrimination in the workplace especially when it comes to same sex marriages.  Be sure to continue reading below for employment law rules on FMLA, pensions, benefits, marital status discrimination and more.  If you have read this article and think that your employer has discriminated against you, you may want to contact an employment attorney in NJ for a consultation.