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At one time or another during your lifetime it is likely that you will need a lawyer for a legal matter. When you need an attorney it is important to know what type will be needed. Lawyers are not generic, they have specific areas of the law in which they are an expert and have experience. They choose one area of the law to concentrate on and then continue their studies in that practice area in order to provide the best representation for their clients. The type of lawyer that is needed will depend solely on the types of legal matter is being handled. Here are just a few of the most commonly needed types of lawyer.

Family Law

A family law attorney will be needed for handling matters which have to do with family or relations. They will know how the proper procedures in your particular state for filing and obtaining a divorce. A family law expert will know how to handle all the matters that may come up in a divorce such as property division, child support, alimony, and visitation schedules. Family law may also pertain to areas such as domestic relations, juvenile law, grandparent rights, paternity and adoption. They will basically be able to handle any legal matter that is presented within a family unit.

Employment Lawyers

An employment lawyer will be able to handle any legality pertaining to employment. Anything that goes wrong on the job is within the scope of their practice. This includes matters such as discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, and violations of any fair labor laws. They can assist in any aspect of employment

Medical Malpractice

The medical malpractice lawyer can assist someone who has suffered damages due to an error by a physician. When a medical doctor treats an individual improperly or neglects to take proper action resulting in damage to the person they can use a medical malpractice lawyer to receive compensation for those damages. This is much more common than we think. A surgeon may amputate the wrong limb or operate on the wrong side of the body having damaging effects. The victim can receive compensation in these cases when they use a medical malpractice attorney.

Personal Injury

When an accident occurs and a personal injury is suffered, a personal injury attorney can provide representation. A personal injury lawyer can provide legal counsel or representation in cases when a person is injured either physically or psychologically as the result of a negligent action by another person, government agency, company or other type of entity. This type of attorney has an understanding of “tort law” which is inclusive of civil wrongs, non-economic or economic damages to an individual, their property, rights or reputation. This can include injuries such as occur in accidents at work, in automobiles, through the use of defective products, slip and fall accidents and lots more. Most personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court instead of going to trial.

Business Law

An attorney who deals with business law must have knowledge in a wide variety of areas. They can assist clients with contracts, securities law, antitrust, commercial paper, pensions and benefits, intellectual property and secured transactions. The attorney can provide assistance to business owners who need to pursue business planning such as identifying resources, stating goals and strategies. A business lawyer can help provide counsel on the many different roadblocks an entrepreneur might encounter. They can also assist the business in obtaining any pertinent licenses or permits or any filing articles of incorporation that may need to be accomplished. The business attorney can help a business person with any of the legal aspects of setting up and operating a business.

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